Amazon Facilitates Payments For Utility Bills Via Alexa

Amazon said that the company will be working with the Fintech company Paymentus to hire its Alexa voice assistant to introduce a feature that allows customers to pay bills online or voically.

The US e-commerce giant revealed the financial technology conference on Money 20/20.

The new feature allows consumers to receive Alexa reminders when their orders are due and to ask questions about the cost of a bill or how they equate it to previous ones, published Sunday on

In 2017 Amazon embedded the payment function within Alexa, and in 2018 added the ability of Amazon Pay and Alexa to make charitable donations.

Amazon India recently announced that now users can just call their Amazon Alexa smart speaker to instantly pay a service bill from their phone Amazon Pay wallet.

This new feature supports payments of bills across electricity, water, mobile after-payment, cooking gas, broadband and DTH, among other utility payments.