India Is Second To The US In demanding User Data From Facebook


In the first six months of this year, the Indian Government was second to the US to demand that Facebook access to user data–a rise of almost 37% from the second half (July-December) of last year. According to Facebook’s Transparency Report, the Indian Government sent 22,684 users requests over the aforementioned period, and the social … Read more

Amazon Facilitates Payments For Utility Bills Via Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon said that the company will be working with the Fintech company Paymentus to hire its Alexa voice assistant to introduce a feature that allows customers to pay bills online or voically. The US e-commerce giant revealed the financial technology conference on Money 20/20. The new feature allows consumers to receive Alexa reminders when their … Read more

Computer Data Security Knowledge And Understanding To Prevent Online Data Hackers

Computer Data Security

Due to our online presence and internet usage, computer data security is now a very important thing. We pay online most of the time. In fact, it is a collection of rules, measurements and controls designed to assist tradespeople adopt strong safety safeguards to guarantee safe use of credit cards and secure storage of information. … Read more

Know How Many Types Of Computer Processors Are Available.

kinds of computer processors

There are many types of computer processors available on the Internet. They are also known as the CPU. The CPU is the central component of the computer. There are different types of CPUs that operate at different speeds, usually shown in GHz. The CPU is a small chip inside your computer that plays a very … Read more